Microblading – Regulations, Laws And Protocols

With all of the social media attention through Facebook and Instagram in particular, microbladed brows are today’s “must have” cosmetic enhancement. Tattooed eyebrows have been around for years, but they’ve never looked so natural until now, right? Not really. Skilled permanent makeup/micropigmentation practitioners have been producing beautiful, natural looking brows for years. Using a feathering or hair stroke technique with a digital pen or a manual hand tool is very similar to the microblading tools marketed today.

The point of difference that sets microblading apart is the technique, in which the hand tool is used to implant the pigment. Instead of softly tapping pigment into the skin, it is used like a blade, and scratches the surface several times, creating a shallow thin line of pigment to simulate a fine brow hair. The key to a successful application is knowing that “sweet spot” at the upper dermis where the pigment must be placed for color retention.

No matter what you have heard or read on social media, microblading is tattooing, an advanced technique of implanting pigment into the skin. Anything that is considered advanced takes practice and time to perfect. Knowledge is power when making decisions that affect your future! Do your due diligence as a professional and learn the facts.

Source: www.lneonline.com