My eyebrow tattoos were agony – but I’d do it again

Liz Hodgkinson never knew the shape of your eyebrows could make such a difference to your face. Then she got them tattooed on.

One of the really ghastly things about getting older is what happens to your eyebrows. Either they disappear completely or they go straggly with inch-long rogue hairs sprouting out, and they won’t lie flat whatever you do.

Eyebrows define and frame the face. Or at least, they do when they are neat and trim. There is nothing, simply nothing, so ageing as brows that are all over the place.

For many years, my own eyebrows had been the bane of my life. Even though I have adhered to Joan Collins’ famous dictum that the best beauty aid for older faces to is to keep your eyebrow pencil pin-sharp, that advice was no longer working for me.


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